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Да придет он к нам…

И так все предпосылки говорят о скором запуске патча 3.3 на живых серверах вселенной WoW и вот сегодня наш лаунчер объявил о новой загрузке обновлений

33bgdownloadПо предварительным оценкам запуск патча планируется на 8 декабря на US серверах и 9 декабря соответственно на EU серверах. Это также подтверждает новый патч со статусом Release на PTR серверах


Ну что эра МТ рыцарей смерти подошла к концу?

My comments above somehow got twisted into "We want DKs to be OTs and not MTs." My actual post was that warriors are the most common MTs in progression-oriented guilds and my suspicion is that DKs are the most common OTs, though I acknowledged that I did not have the data to back that second part up.
Now you can't have it two ways here. You can't say "DKs are so terrible that they can only OT," while at the same time saying "Guilds use warrior MTs even though they're terrible because they are either ignorant (unlikely) or stubborn (possible)." I think a more credible conclusion is that tank balance isn't in such a dreadful state that it really affects what tanks groups use. They use the tanks they have or that their players like to play.
Example: I asked a designer here whose guild is on heroic Anub 25 what tanks they use. They haven't beaten it yet, but they're close and they'll probably get it before 3.3. They use a DK MT and a warrior OT. I asked him why. It turned out their old warrior MT and paladin OT moved on and they used who they had left. They didn't feel the need to recruit or reroll to get say a paladin MT and druid OT. Now this is a sample size of one so it's hardly a trend. At the same time, I speak to a fair number of players and I think this kind of situation is typical. The relative strengths or weaknesses of the various classes and specs — including dps and healers here, with a couple of exceptions like Subtlety rogues — are not a huge factor in who gets brought to a raid. This seems to be true both of those groups that get server first kills and those guilds that come later but still defeat the toughest fights in the game before they are old content. That argues that the differences aren't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.